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Writer's Block: TMI

For me, the strangest confession was from a co-worker.  It was her first week on the job and she popped into my work area, where a few of us were chatting, and said, “hey, if you see me going to the bathroom a lot don't get alarmed.  I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”  Then she chuckled and said, “at my old job they always teased me that I was like a toddler always having to go to the bathroom.”

  >.<  I DO NOT CARE.

 UMMM...why did she need to tell us that !?!

OMG bears

Ahhhhh Yeahhhah!

Going to see.... AZIATIX  this Saturday!!

Excited, yeah  you can say that. I'm really glad I am able to see them. Now I can get over the hott factor they bring and just be about them. I'm not saying I'm not going to drool while watching vids or scrolling tumblr pics but this helps to bring them down a bit.

Judging Ostrich


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Most Incredible Busters  
I do wonder why they use the word BUSTERS. Must mean something cool in Korean >.>
I'm so liking these guys!  I hope they're well received, as much as they are being reported as so.
I do need to hear the last member before I pick my bias :)
They all look good, luv their voices. Might just be another group I'm feelin every member. 
Smart idea doing the solo work so we don't get some formula idea of who they are.





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Judging Ostrich

Hate this goodbye

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          I've always said, I can't wait for him to go. It will be a break and be good for him. Now..what the fuck ever, it will  be like a regular idol hiatus, right? Yeah... I will have tons of other faves to fill the void as best as they can. BUT to NOT see him every now and again with some sort of promo or snapshot will be odd. I'm  still annoyed by the limelight some idols have while serving. I hope he doesn't want to be a "show"soldier and he doesn't have to be, he can just serve while being left alone. No musicals or fucking MCing shows. Then again... I wouldn't mind a photo here and there (I have double standards like fucking wow).


  We'll have "Soar, Close to the Sun" to look forward to and get bootleg copies :)  Told he was going to put out an album. That it was done, interesting. It would be nice and I really need it. *shrugs I don't want to rely on something that may not even exist.  He has been filming commericals and modeling shit, clothes I'm sure. So new pics to flood the sites.                                                                                                              
                Yes, it's going to be really sad, I'm going to be sad. 


             I'm not sad that he's doing this, he has to do it. It's the comfort of knowing that  "Rain" will be active again or news and random moments of him participating in something that will be gone.
I adore everyone in his camp so not seeing those that he consorts with all the time, gonna miss those guys.
 I'm sure I'll spot them them here and there with 2pm or Mblaq. Maybe they too will take some time off... NO they can't sleep too many badass dancers willing to slide in :)

 Time is ticking fast!  2 DAYS LEFT.  He's just going into the Army, he has plans when he gets out GET A GRIP GIRL! :/  
       He's my happy and I'll miss him so and be sullen,  whiny and watch his projects over and over. Visit with fellow fans and continue to piss off other clouds >.>  I've only been a fan for 2 1/2 years and I'm whipped.... and I luv it! 


Snoppy OMG



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Of course I'm excited to be in Korea -->Corea.

The smells, lights, hussle and bussle and yes how hospitable will Koreans really be, ummm. I just wonder, I will see/experience soon enough.
I start my location studing tonight. Looking at maps and getting the subway to and from spots I want to go sorted.  I have tried to learn a few words but I honestly don't think it will help. The language is too complex and I need more time. This trip was a late planned trip. Found out about Rain~ Best Show and being a Cloud, I really wanted to make my membership this year worth it. Fanclub ticket raffle, Oh yeah!  Waiting to find out if "we" got them (bi_b2st), so really it was about 6 weeks @_@.
I have 3 more years on my passport before renewal, I didn't think I would be going anywhere before that time. I take that back I was eyeing Germany, I passed through it years ago but wanted to go back. I  pushed it out of my mind once all this economy shit hit. I do believe this will be my last hurrah for awhile.  WELLLLLL that is until Rain gets out of the Army.  :)  

One thing that is on my mind is, I'm not much of a picture taker. I never have been, with my other travels I would get scolded once I got back home as to why I didn't take more pictures. So now I have so much pressure to take pictures of any and everything that I want to forget my camera.  >.<  Also by request I have to be in them, ughhh no.

So I'm pretty calm but inside I'm freaking the frak out!
 I'm excited about the plane ride :D
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Rain long hair smile

If you want

credit to broken_clover

 Give a quick shout out and I'll add ya. I am a freaker and pretty much obsess over anything. [music/movies/tv/books etc etc]

Rain handheart


Sending hugs and kisses to all~ Have a Happy Valentine's Day.


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Calling someone stupid is as common as saying hello, it needs to be checked.  Holding our own actions and thought process as the standard for one being intelligent is the ground work for judging someone at any given moment. No one wants to do that but we all do, I do but I don't call people stupid. 
Knowing the context of the situation one still is inclined to call someone stupid, it's ridiculous that that mentality is the norm. Along with wanting to be in agreement with others, that's the most addictive social cliché ever.

Judging Ostrich


Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd! :)

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups


Rain cheese

Birthday Post

Well it's that time of year, we all have one ~~~
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