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Snoppy OMG



Of course I'm excited to be in Korea -->Corea.

The smells, lights, hussle and bussle and yes how hospitable will Koreans really be, ummm. I just wonder, I will see/experience soon enough.
I start my location studing tonight. Looking at maps and getting the subway to and from spots I want to go sorted.  I have tried to learn a few words but I honestly don't think it will help. The language is too complex and I need more time. This trip was a late planned trip. Found out about Rain~ Best Show and being a Cloud, I really wanted to make my membership this year worth it. Fanclub ticket raffle, Oh yeah!  Waiting to find out if "we" got them (bi_b2st), so really it was about 6 weeks @_@.
I have 3 more years on my passport before renewal, I didn't think I would be going anywhere before that time. I take that back I was eyeing Germany, I passed through it years ago but wanted to go back. I  pushed it out of my mind once all this economy shit hit. I do believe this will be my last hurrah for awhile.  WELLLLLL that is until Rain gets out of the Army.  :)  

One thing that is on my mind is, I'm not much of a picture taker. I never have been, with my other travels I would get scolded once I got back home as to why I didn't take more pictures. So now I have so much pressure to take pictures of any and everything that I want to forget my camera.  >.<  Also by request I have to be in them, ughhh no.

So I'm pretty calm but inside I'm freaking the frak out!
 I'm excited about the plane ride :D
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