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Rain long hair smile

If you want

credit to broken_clover

 Give a quick shout out and I'll add ya. I am a freaker and pretty much obsess over anything. [music/movies/tv/books etc etc]

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Melissa! This is Audrey :D The girl from Holiday Inn you were talking to just before you left off to go the the right holiday inn. :)

Hey ~ Audrey how are you? I'm back home already. The show was great, everyone looked amazing.
thanks for the friend add.
I don't post much but I am working on that I'm always around here and there.
Hope you have/had a great vacation.

I'm in NY now. :D Sounds like fun! I was in Universal. :)) I wish I was there to see it. :< Who else was there?

It was nothing at all. XD

Same goes for me. I just post usually fanfics. ^^;;


Hi there!!
You like kpop and Supernatural, need I say more?!
Add? :B

[shouts] You are cool.
Lets be friends. Maybe some of your coolness wil rub off on me online.

Ok ~ do you mind if i ask how you came by my lj?

hmm I kinda forgot. But as soon as I saw the Rain-spam all over your LJ, I was like, "I MUST ADD THIS GIRL" heeh.

Hello!!!My name is Flora.We've talked a couple of times in omona and i see that we have common interests(mostly Bi XD).So I'm adding you!I hope you add me back <3

Hey ok cool ... I'm bad at posting.. but i do here and there prob more since winter is coming @_@ hibernate :)
OK thanks for the add~ I'm pretty crazy over at omona @_@.

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