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Just a quick note. I have changed my name HONEEBS to go hand in hand sorta with my twitter account  HONEBIS.
If you feel you do not want me to be  on your friends list, do take the time now and remove me ~it's cool.



Judging Ostrich

Journal is wonky

I have to upload  journal style items to another server. FU IMAGESHACK.

Have a good day.

UJW headphones

Countdown time Jay turned on (J'Kyun)

So more excitement from me, I think it has to do with the fact there is more promo regarding this release, and that release being ~J K Y U NCollapse )

Judging Ostrich

Second Teaser J'Kyun

I don't really want to go on and on about J'Kyun but I really can't help it.
Here is another teaser for the upcoming cd~ REBIRTHDAY TRACK Groovy J.
I Love his flow, so chill and smooth.

OMG bears

Teaser ..

I'm so excited! Jung Kyun aka J'Kyun is due with a new cd.
AHH I'm freaking out, I luv his flow and yes he is fine as hell!
This is on repeat, teaser is pretty long. No other info as to the due date.

Judging Ostrich

Long time

I walked into work a co-worker barely let me get my jacket off she was so jacked about a video and wanted me to see it. She knows I'm in deep with Kpop and  and some Jpop, Asia scene as a whole. Well looks like little boys grow up. Tahj Mowary looks pretty good and is ready to come out. Come out in the music scene that is.
 Here is a video he is featured in it's Boom Boom Satellites~ "Kick it Out" also featureing Flo-Rida


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