The Complete Randomness of Me

멜리사 (Melissa)(Melis)

Rain Fan, Cloud the 7th #6562 NERD~ I'm here to find good music, to have some laughs, share some common things with others. I say what I want when I want, it may change tomorrow. I like the things I like and loathe the things I loathe. Speak on what like and whatever/whoever moves me. This is my fun space, one may never get past the fangirl in me in this space.
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I've been a professional fangirl since the early days of NKOTB. I've walked away from all of the crazy but whatever, it's what I like and it goes hand in hand with enjoying the music. I can pretty much fangirl over anything ...candy/shoes/food/actors/tresses you name it. I can go on and on UNTIL I'm over it. I don't totally get over something I just feel the LOVE has died is all, I can come back and rediscover it later. I will always hold a mini heart for them. Fangirls are a dime a dozen. Truth be told, no two are alike. Join me with my extremes or slight likes.